Yoga in Schools

Whenever I look at today's children, who are limited in motion due to modern lifestyle and sitting in front of the TV or computer, I think about the importance of motion and how it can contribute our children through yoga exercise. The numbers of hyperactive and hypersensitive children increases every day. We also can notice more overweight or very restless and disturbing children than in previous years.

To see yoga as a meaning of tranquility and self-understanding, we could find the key which helps us to work with children softly to make them sensitive human beings who start to become aware of themselves, realizing their body and feelings. They will learn how to cope with discrepancies and imbalances from their childhood and get a bonus over us adults who are getting to know these principles at the moment when we feel pain and our condition makes us take over responsibilities of our body.

Hopefully there comes a day when it will be taught in schools as one of the basic subjects and will be as important as maths, geography or English language. It is a rich source of information which teaches us not only about health, but also anatomy, functions and raising mental and spiritual sense in its philosophy at the same time.