Yoga and Sport

Yoga exercise is an unusual kind of sport. It might be considered a type of stretching that is done in combination with working out.  Yoga does help people reach their physical goals and increase a person’s range of motion. Because of this, yoga can be considered a general sport.

Yoga also helps people to get in tune with themselves and their internal systems.  Those who practice yoga observe their experiences and feelings connected with each movement and breath that is made. With continued practice, a person learns about their body and about internalization.

There are many different subgenres of modern yoga, all of which have their own specifications.  Some subgenres of yoga include the following:

  • power yoga
  • gravidyoga
  • balayoga, acroyoga
  • vinyasayoga
  • yin yoga

The form of yoga that I practice and teach is aimed towards fundamental principles that are based off of Hatha yoga. The most important thing to remember is that breathing should be combined with slow motion. During a typical session, everyone is learning to control their movements by using their breathing and feeling their bodies’ reactions.

I fully recommend exercise to everyone.  Now my focus is turned toward sporty men and women who always burden their body with a physical performance. Their load is very often one-sided-- such as tennis, golf, cycling, football, basketball, volleyball etc. They work with their bodies but they have no idea how the body actually functions.  In many cases, because of being overworked and overloaded, these people will find that they have shortened tendons and muscles.

It is not difficult to correct these imbalances.  This can be done by observing reactions and possible asymmetries within our bodies.   Working with your own  balance and with the center of your body will also help to correct these asymmetries. With yoga, there is a chance to connect and strengthen these parts completely. We learn to watch our weaknesses, which our body and our lymphatic system will show us.

Yoga exercise has hidden benefits and helps to train your body and help with pain relief. Your breath is used to inspire yourself to achieve deeper mental results. When someone who is physically active does not know how to breathe correctly, their physical performance might gradually cause their health to deteriorate (backache, pain in hips, joins..).

Being active with sports is a good way to keep your body in a good condition. To avoid being slave to our bodies, it is beneficial to practice  yoga regularly in order to stimulate energy and increase  harmony to our lives