How Dealing with Emotions Can Effect Your Health

Yoga is a magical exercise that harmonizes your mental and physical health. Yoga also connects our inner self to our spiritual self, helping to reveal our real needs and truths.

Most of us begin to start exercisepracticing yoga regularly because we find outrealize that weit helps us to feel better after its practise and we can afford to work with , it challenges our bodybodies according to our individual abilities, and we achievegrow closer to our inner self and we don't . We do not have to compete in ourbe competitive to see results. It! Yoga gives us a peace of mind and also teaches us to respect to ourselves. Finally we have It also makes you take the time when we can stopto pause and release the behavioral patterns which speed us somewhere ahead and we have that may leave you feeling rushed, with no time to consider what we actualy do andyou actually want or think about what we actualy wantyou are actually doing.

I have noticed that since myI have begun practicing yoga practise started that, I couldcan observe some thoughts in my mind which cannot be easily, previously could not have been stopped by my will. I had My mind ful of was filled with unwanted thoughtthoughts and feelingfeelings that I needneeded to solve them as soon as solved quickly. It pulled me out from hindered my concentration. Sometimes, I sometimes got nervous when

I realized that I realised that I postponehave postponed something just because of my yoga practise. Steppractice. Little by steplittle, I found out that yoga teaches us how to make yourself free ofyour mind and we are able to observe it and let it, be observational, and become calm. We are findingable to find deeper connectionconnections with our emotions in our mindsand mental state, which might be supressed in past and they are showing us their powerhave been suppressed.

When I practiced yoga, I sometimes felt a weakness in my stomach or I was overwhelmed by migrene.. migraines.

When I eventualy got closer toeventually became in tune with my feelings, thoughts, and emotions (whether positive or negative) the), a wave of bliss inundatedcame over me. I occured in a It made me focus on the present moment now and here and nothing else is more important than existance itself. I was searching more.

I used to keep this statement in common life where I always met my wastingbe filled with worries, doubts and mistrust. I learntThrough yoga, I learned that all that the tension whatthat I feel inside of me is there to let arisehelp me see that love and courage can rise above the negative feelings that I have and that I am not bound to get rid of unrequired what ties me what defends to express freely.anything or considered defenseless. If we want to deprive everything what doeseliminate things that do not help us any more to get closer toand keeps us from living a happier life, yoga is the right option.way.